Frequently Asked Questions




“I participate in another one of the Play Golf Lex Leagues (18 Hole/Par 3) do points combine with those?”

            The 9 hole team league's points structure and handicaps will act independantly from any other Play Golf Lex leagues.  Only points and scores earned in the 9 hole team league will be considered valid for this league.


“I’m not a good golfer, how will I compete?”

            We use a 9 hole handicap system based on previous rounds to level the playing field


“I don’t have an official USGA Handicap, can I still play?”

            Yes, you are eligible to play.  But in order to have a beginning handicap for the league you will need to have an official USGA GHIN Handicap.  Those who do not have an official handicap will have to play the first few weeks with a zero handicap.  Each week all scores played in the league will be recorded and handicaps will be appropriately modified to ensure a level playing field for all golfers.


“What if myself or my partner can’t make it a particular week?”

            Subs are encouraged, you won’t have a tough time finding someone to take your place for some free fun golf.  If you still can’t find a partner we will help you find a sub.  We ask that you contact the golf professional in advance to let them know so any appropriate modifications can be made.


“What is BHG?”

            Our title and prize sponsor for the Play Golf Lex Team League is Bluegrass Hospitality Group.  BHG manages and operates some of the regions finest restaurants including Malones, Harry's, Drakes, Aqua, OBC, and Malones Prime.  


“What happens if we get rained out?”

            We have 2 makeup weeks planned into the calendar for the season for each session.  So as long as Mother Nature isn’t too uncooperative, we shouldn’t have any issues.


“What kind of prizes can I win?”

            Weekly prizes will be awarded in Play Golf Lex Gift Cards and Bluegrass Hospitality Group Gift Certificates (Thank you to our sponsor) Overall prizes in the past have included winning team receiving each a NEW! Custom Cleveland RTX Wedge to their specs ($200 Value).


“What format will we play?”

            Each week we will play a different and fun 2 person team format game.  Such examples include scramble, shamble, best ball, match play, varying tee games, etc.  You don’t need to know how to play in advance we will get you all the appropriate information before so you know how to play.